[IMPORTANT] My 050 number: New application procedure

To obtain a My 050 Number, log in to My Account from your smartphone and submit your registration by following these steps: Agree with the Terms of Service. Validate your email address. Select your nationality and the type of Identification Document (ID). Take photos of your ID and fill in your personal information. Confirm the information and submit. Scan this QR code to access My Account Important Notes The submitted pictures of the IDs must be clear, and readable and the ID expiration date must be more than 30 days prior to the application date. Otherwise, your application won't be processed. Note that we will only issue you a My 050 Number after the ID verification process is successful and that this process may take several days. We also may require additional documents if necessary or that you resend the pictures of your ID, in case they are unreadable. We will create or update your account according to your ID. We do not accept applications on behalf of third parties (excep

[IMPORTANT] My 050 Number Service Charges

On September 1st, 2022, we will introduce the following two My 050 Number Service fees. Users who got the My 050 number before September 1st, 2022, or those who apply for the service via our authorized agents* will not pay the maintenance fee until April 1st, 2023.  * On April 1st, 2024, customers who obtained 050 numbers from our authorized for the IP-phone service agents, will be charged a maintenance fee of 550 yen for the 6 months. About Fees Fees (non-refundable, tax included): Application fee: ¥550. Maintenance fee: ¥550 every six months. Once your application has been approved, you will be issued a 050 number with five free calling minutes to try the service out. If you decide to cancel your contract, please contact our customer service within eight days after the 050 number is issued. No charges will be incurred in this case. If you decide to keep your My 050 number contract, please add enough credit to your Brastel account to cover both the application fee and the maintenance 

Why am I receiving this email?

You may be receiving emails from us because a Brastel account (either at Brastel Telecom or Brastel Remit or Basix) has been registered with your email. Please note that opting out of marketing communications does not affect your receipt of business communications that are important to your interaction with Brastel Co., Ltd., such as support/service communications, security updates, Terms, and Conditions updates, or account management communications. IF YOU ARE NOT A BRASTEL CUSTOMER: Someone may have mistakenly added it to their account when they signed up, either mistyping it or intentionally entering an email that wasn’t theirs. If you want to stop receiving those emails, send us a message at If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. Sincerely, Brastel Co., Ltd.